This is a FREE supervised 10 week program of progressively increased running and decreased walking activity. Run/Walk from our store on the Great Western Trail near the store in Carol Stream. The program culminates in a 30 minute continuous run and an optional 5K (3.1 miles) race as a graduation event. The program also includes: Mini Clinics on Nutrition, Stretching, Running Form, and Injury Prevention.

All ages and paces welcome!

If running is not for you, join us for our Walk N Talk option during our Walk2Run Program.

Walk 2 Run Session 1 dates for 2020 are as follows:

  • Mondays 6:30pm  March 23rd  – June 1st
  • Saturdays 8:30am March 21st – May 30th
  • Graduation race for session 1 is the Cosley Zoo 5K on June 6th

Walk 2 Run Session 2 dates:

  • Mondays 6:30pm  June 15th – August 17th
  • Saturdays 8:30am June 13th – August 15th
  • Graduation race for session 2 is the Stop Hunger 5K on August 22nd

Walk 2 Run Session 3 dates:

  • Mondays 6:30pm  August 31st  – November 2nd
  • Saturdays 8:30am August 29th – October 31st
  • Graduation race for session 3 is the Cantigny 5K on Novemver 7th

Walk N Talk Option

Want to join us for 30 minutes of cardio every Saturday morning but should not or do not want to run? Our Walk N Talk option gives you the option to walk at an increased speed instead of running during the run segments of the program. It’s a great way to get moving!

8 and Up Run Club

This 10 week program runs in conjunction with session 1 Walk 2 Run on Monday nights and is meant to make youth running fun. This will be led by two staff members with drills and games. It’s a great introduction to running!

For more information call (630) 665-3316 or email Debbie Crawford at

A Brand New Season of Walk2Run Begins March 21st

Walk2Run is our completely free beginner running program where you train at your own pace over 10 weeks towards a goal of running a 5K. Make friends, get healthy, build good habits and join us for the optional 5K “Graduation Run” at the end of each session. Here in Carol Stream, […]

Walk 2 Run Graduation/Reunion Party November 4th 6:30 pm

Let’s celebrate your success! You’ve completed one of our 10 week Walk 2 Run programs and have run your race. Now it’s time to reward yourself with some treats and to discuss with your fellow runners what your next goal is. You’re ready to move on and we’re here to help you […]

Walk 2 Runners Graduate at the Cantigny 5K November 2nd!

Join all our runners at beautiful Cantigny Park in Wheaton. We hope to see members of the Dick Pond Racing Team there along with our Fun Run, Walk 2 Run and Walk N Talk groups. This is a great race for all levels.Go to to sign up and get more information.