Are you a part of our Racing Community? Reach your goals and help others do the same. The Dick Pond Racing Team is a community of runners sharing and continuing their personal journeys and running experiences. Whether it’s training, racing, pacing, or having fun, we strive to inspire each other for the purpose of providing a fulfilling and enriching experience regardless of ability.  For more information on our store’s team click here.

Registration now open for 2019 – click here to sign up.

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Dick Pond Racing Registration for 2020 Now Open!

Racing Team Registration and All Locations Party Coming Up! Registration for our Dick Pond Racing Team will open towards the end of the month. For all information on the team you can go to The all locations kick off party will be held on February 29th so save the date and […]

8 & Up Run Program Returns March 23rd

Once again we’ll offer an 8 & Up Run Program in conjunction with our Monday night session 1 Walk 2 Run starting on March 23rd. They’ll meet at the store the first Monday and at Red Hawk Park, which is across the street from the store the remainder of the time. […]

A Brand New Season of Walk2Run Begins March 21st

Walk2Run is our completely free beginner running program where you train at your own pace over 10 weeks towards a goal of running a 5K. Make friends, get healthy, build good habits and join us for the optional 5K “Graduation Run” at the end of each session. Here in Carol Stream, […]