We’re still running!

runners displaying social distancing

It’s summer, when we’d all normally be training for races or deep into a Walk2Run session. We wanted to let you know that even though that race you were training for may not be happening, we’re still running as follows:

A new session of Walk2Run is currently happening on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings. There won’t be a graduation race, but we’ll hold our own timed 5K on the Great Western Trail behind the store. Click here for more information. There is no 8 and Up Run Club for 2020.

Fun runs are happening on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Marathon and half marathon training has been officially put on hold due to most of the races being cancelled, but many of our distance runners continue to run. Anyone is welcome to join them Saturday mornings at 8am.

There may not be marathons, but we are still training!

Social distanced Tuesday track workouts have begun. Meet at the store at 6:00 pm and run to Benjamin MS or meet right at the track at 6:30 and be warmed up and ready to go.

Track Workouts at Benjamin Middle School

All of our running programs strictly follow CDC guidelines that are posted in the store, and no water is provided. Please bring your own water. We look forward to running our way with you through this difficult time!

Stay healthy and safe,

Dick Pond Carol Stream